A Day Trip To Grand Haven.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Grand Rapids. It wasn't a trip, per se, my husband had a work assignment near that area, and we decided to tag along and make a day of it. We left early in the morning but still managed to have breakfast and and get ready without rushing. As the type "A" person I am, I decided to plan ahead how we were going to spend the day and what I was going to bring for Luka, and share it with you.

The trip up to Grand Rapids is a two hour drive for us, so I was going to need all the help I could get to keep Luka entertained. He loves books, coloring, playing with his colonial wheel toy and matching cards. All those went into the backpack. Now that he can look through the window, we spent a big part of the drive trying to keep him engaged, describing his surroundings and asking him questions about everything that he was able to see and point out. The colonial wheel was a big hit, kept him busy for long stretches of time. Something new happened, he showed a lot of interest in the music we were listening to, dancing and pretending to be singing by repeating the words he understood. Time for us to be more conscious about our music choices (no more Despacito for us).

We spent part of the morning at Woodland Mall, waiting for Matt to be done with his assignment, it felt like our little mami-son date. He had a lot of fun climbing and running in the play area and at 10:30 am, it was snack time. Snacks are usually the first thing I pack when going out with him. He has been very into fruit and cheese lately, so I took advantage of the easy and mess-free nature of those and packed him some string cheese and a fruit bar. He also had a chocolate-chip cookie, as a reward for listening to mami when she said for the 10th time not to leave the play area.

After meeting with Matt, we had some lunch and made our way up to Grand Haven, a beautiful beach town 30 minutes west from Grand Rapids. We wanted to see Lake Michigan during the winter, take a walk down the pier and visit the South Pierhead Inner Light and drive around town to check out the architecture.

It was lightly raining when we got to the Grand Haven State Park, but so beautiful, we just couldn't pass on it. That's when the third item I packed came into play. Extra change of clothes. Luka loved the rain, the lighthouse, and the big chunks of ice in the lake, but when we got back into the car, it was time to get changed and warm. It was so amazing to be able to take that walk down the pier and see his eyes light up with every step we took.

The temperatures were in the high 40's, so we relied more than ever on lip balm and moisturizer. Luka tends to get very chapped lips as soon as the temperatures go down and we still wanted to take him for a walk along the Grand River. This time around we used the Honest Company's Healing Balm for his lips and face. It prevents them from chapping and protects his skin from cold burns without feeling greasy. I only mention it because I think EVERYONE should try it, it's the best, and the only thing that has worked for him since moving to Michigan.

There was so much to see in Grand Haven, without enough time. We got to see the Pere Marquette 1223, a beautiful locomotive built in 1941, restored and on display permanently in Grand Haven. It's a beautiful piece of machinery, and for a train aficionado like my husband, one of the highlights of the trip. If you wish to learn more about it you can visit their Facebook page in this link.

This trip was so relaxing, both for Luka and I. He loved visiting the lighthouse (kept talking about it on our way home) and enjoyed all the sightseeing. Grand Haven is a beautiful place, with a lot of historic corners to visit and with the small town feel that I love. Our backpack came in handy at every single stop we made yesterday, making the trip so much easier and more enjoyable. Hope you enjoy the pictures and visit Gran Haven in your next stop in Michigan.

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