Our Adventure Begins Here

Matt and I met almost ten years ago. When we got married in 2011, we made Arizona our home. It was exciting to finally start our little family in a place that meant so much to us and that would allow us to stay close to our families. We made new friends as a couple, found fulfilling jobs and welcomed our baby boy into the world two years ago. Arizona seemed to be it for us. Little did we know, our lives were about to change.

After a lot of prayer, planning and packing, we made the move to the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Yes, Michigan, right at the beginning of winter. It's been quite the change, but it has given me the opportunity to stay home with our boy and experience "home life" in a completely different way.

As many other women that transition from the workplace to working at home, I found myself looking for something that I could call mine. A place where I can share not only our experiences as a family but also my own as a mom, wife, avid reader, and coziness aficionado.

Voila! "A Warm Haven" came to life. A little corner where I can share everything that motivates and inspires me. You can expect everything and anything that brings joy and laughter to our home, like recipes, books, gardening updates, homemaking tips and so much more.

I hope you feel at home and that through my posts you get a little break from those daily tasks that sometimes seem to overwhelm us. I look forward to get to know you all and to start sharing our journey.

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